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Established in the UK since 1973

We carry out any work from total renovations down to plumbing in a toilet.

Trades:- Roofing, Construction, Plaster boarding and Plastering, Electrics, Plumbing, Tiling etc.

We cover La Manche (50), Calvados (14) Orne (61) Mayenne (53).

We offer a highly professional service to meet all your building and renovation requirements. Whether you need a new roof, windows, doors, floor, electrics, plumbing, dormer window, loft conversion or floor laying, to name but a few, we can deliver.

We have over 30 years of experience gained in both the UK and French building environments. We employ dedicated and skilled team of English specialists in all areas of building. With both English and French speakers within our team you will benefit from the knowledge that you will be able to clearly define your requirements without the hassle and concerns that you have managed to get your requirements across proficiently and that you have been understood.

We strongly believe in building a personal rapport with our customers to develop a better understanding of their requirements and expectations. We offer quality workmanship, coupled with value for money. We are happy to discuss new business requirements, be it single building projects or longer term arrangements.